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Phalaenopsis Flowers - Phalaenopsis originate from the jungles of South and Southeast Asia, In-donesia, Malaysia and Philippines, where they are found on the tree top of the dense forest...Read More >>

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Many medias can be used to grow phalaenopsis orchid such as the conventional hardwood charcoal, coconut husk chips,wood bark etc. However, after 7 years of R&D, sphagnum moss has given us the best possible result in term of flexibility & growth. Sphagnum moss is a sun dried media that can hold water & fertilizer mix for up to 14 days which allows growers to water their plants at only once a week. Sphagnum Moss are divided into different grades and in our nursery, we use only the best quality resources which is why we only use the AAA Grade quality which enhances the plant's growing period.

Choose one of these media packs to get your plants growing:
- 150g pack (For up to 3 units of 3.5 inch pots) RM 7
- 5 kg pack (For up to 80 units of 3.5inch pots)RM 90



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