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Phalaenopsis Flowers - Phalaenopsis originate from the jungles of South and Southeast Asia, In-donesia, Malaysia and Philippines, where they are found on the tree top of the dense forest...Read More >>

Introduction to Phalaenopsis Orchid

Being the only and largest Phalaenopsis orchid specialized grower in Malaysia, we produce a wide range of Phalaenopsis for everyone to choose from.

Phalaenopsis originate from the jungles of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Their roots are quite thick and often they climb out of the pots, and the green point at the ends signifies that the root is actively grow-ing. Unlike most of the orchid, mature plants usually carry only four to five pair of leaves. The flowers of some species are large and often resemble the shape of moths which is why the species are sometimes called Moth orchids.

Easy to care (CareSheet), with long lasting flowers of up to 6 weeks and only requires watering once in 10 days, the Phalaenopsis orchid is currently the world's most popular potted plant. In nature, they are typically fond of human habitation temperate zones of within 15 to 30 °C and require high humidity and low light.

While they will adapt to a bright window or fluorescent lighting, Phalaenopsis will not tolerate direct sun exposure which will cause burning and brown marks on its leaves. Keep them slightly moist, never too wet and give them plenty of air circulation. No matter where you live, this orchid type will do well indoors and provide many years of enjoyment. Hence, this flower makes an excellent indoor decoration for places like hospital, houses, hotels and commercial buildings.

With prices starting from RM3 for seedlings and RM6 for potted plants, everyone will have the opportunity to own one. Click for further enquiries.

Our Farms & Growing Method

Every flower coming from Ulu Yam & Gohtong Jaya farms is 100% grown in a calm, clean, green and controlled environment which allows us to control the flowers’ growth as well as the quality.

We practice intensification of R & D in the development of better varieties, cost effective production technology and cautious plant handling. On the R&D division, we’ve incorporated the usage of crossing & meristem biotechnology to develop new variety of flowers and to clone flowers of the top quality.

The whole concept of our farms is to allow us to control the Phalaenopsis orchids’ growth and flowering at given dates and time through placing the plants in different temperature zones. The 6 acres Ulu Yam farm is divided into 3 sections: Main Building, Nursery and the cold room. Our orchid nursery consists of open structure supported by recycled iron frame with a polyethylene roof to protect the flowers from rain. On top of that, Phalaenopsis requires minimal direct sunlight exposure, thus plastic sunshades have been put up all over the nursery. Circulating fans are installed all over the nursery to make sure that 100% of our plants are receiving consistent air circulation and humidity, while proper drainage system is created to ensure that our plants are receiving the preferable amount of water. In nature orchids are soaked by water but they don’t live in water. For a perfect flower to be grown, each and every one of our plants in the nursery is applied with the ideal fertilizer dosage while minimal amount of chemicals applied to reduce bacteria growth. To us, we believe that excessive chemical application would have an adverse effect on the plants as well as the environment.

A total of 10 cold rooms have been built. These cold rooms are designed to induce flowering for the plants to keep up with the market demand (Do note that Phalaenopsis are capable to bloom naturally without the need of cooler temperature). Each of these cold rooms is often being reviewed to ensure that they are within the ideal cool temperature of between 20-30C and humidity level, as higher and lower temperature and moisture will adversely affect the flowers’ growth and petal sizes.

With the opening of our new 5.2 acres farm in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, the orchids are now transferred here which now replaces some of our cold rooms in the Ulu Yam farm.

Another significant difference of our farms would be the cleanliness. Our environment and walkways are reduced in moisture, which not only ensures our visitor’s safety but also the growers. Such a model environment allows the growers and visitors to walk around freely without getting their shoes wet and dirty, but more importantly, it eliminates the concern of slips and falls.

Our farm are opened to the public 7 days a week with the operating hours 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. Contact us for further information.

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exclusive phalaenopsis

exclusive phalaenopsis

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